Presentation of Sri. Kapil Mohan IAS

Case Watch System which is under development is in the last stages of the data testing and it will be operational in two are three weeks goes far deeper into the process by using information technology and communication, till now as far as I know, mine is a limited knowledge on the subject, there aren’t any other programme which have been developed which dwells so deep into the functioning of quasi-judicial body, this is a new programme and take some time to stabilize, subsequent to operationalise of this, there may be need for certain changes in our rules regulations and procedural which may be part of our sub-ordinate, legislation and of our main Act also.

I will be making only initial part of the submission, further on will made by the centre for e-governance schemes. So, we have come down to main subject now, yesterday we have talked about issues like rule of law, natural justice, morning we started with quantitative analysis and some elements of qualitative aspect that was also tried to be thrown in the discussion, which is very debatable subject, which is interesting the paper which has presented on the quantitative analysis, of course we all love data, all the researches love data, unless data we can’t really play around it, we understand that, this case watch system will also help you some sort of data base as we move ahead.

By Kapil Mohan IAS , Chairman Karnataka Appellate Tribunal.

John Benedict and Ajeesh Mathews thanked Kapil Mohan for this support in the development of CWS. Various dignitaries present in the conference also appreciated Shri KapilMohan IAS for this innovative approach and detailed planning.

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Kapil Mohan IAS